Women Warriors has developed a program conducive to growth and learning aimed at helping homeless and at-risk women veterans transition into sustainable employment and permanent housing by offering support, counseling, wellness, training and other services at no cost to the veteran. By helping these women be successful, we are giving back to all women who have served this country and defended the freedoms we all enjoy today.

Corona de Tucson resident, Rebecca Duggan, Army Veteran and Women Warriors Director of Volunteers, shared her personal story of how she met Karen Kuciver through the program, how the program helped her with many of her own challenges, and how she eventually took on her current role with the organization, so that she could help others facing similar issues. “So, this space to me, it’s a very special place. It’s a place for women veterans to come and connect with their sisters and having somebody that understands what they’re going through. They’re a veteran, and they’re a woman. They get it. You know, it’s nice to have somebody else that you can relate to that and that understands,” said Rebecca Duggan. “When you donate to Women Warriors, it isn’t just about investing in female veterans. They’re part of this community. You’re giving back into your community. Through this program, they are being given the tools they need to be successful, so they can pay it forward, and they out to the next person and that is why it is such a great way to invest in your community.”

In addition to offering support services for female veterans, the new facility located at 5851 E. Speedway Blvd. Suite 141 also houses Wendy’s Collection Boutique, which has been created to help provide a stable funding source to support the Women Warriors Program. The boutique helps to sustain, maintain, and grow the operation of the Women Warriors Program while also providing no-cost clothing and goods, job-training and skills development to the program participants. This support enables them to become self-supporting.

The two-hour event, which included a social hour and lunch, was held at the Christ Presbyterian Church at 6565 E. Broadway in Tucson. Lunch for the event was generously donated by Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers. Attendees were given door prizes donated by The Basket Butler and Flying Leap Winery.

To make a donation or learn more about Women Warriors and Wendy’s Collection Boutique, visit the website at www.womenwarriorstucson.com or contact Executive Director Karen Kuciver at ww2@womenwarriors2.com.

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