By Mika Deslongchamps Massey

“It takes all the running you can do, to keep in the same place. If you want to get somewhere else, you must run at least twice as fast as that!”, a phrase by the ever quotable Lewis Carroll in his famous story of Alice in Wonderland. Don’t we all wish that nonsensical logic could solve all of our problems? At the very least we can all put on our running shoes as we slowly return to daily lives filled with outings and gatherings, not the least of which should be supporting our local community businesses.

Integra Dance Arts, a resident dance studio in Vail has withstood the test of pandemic regulated performing arts and is excited to announce their upcoming performances that will be open to the public! In limited quantities, tickets will be available for the public to come support IDA in their full length ballet and Spotlight performances.

More exciting than the opportunity to experience dance live and in person once again, is the innovation behind the premiere of the original ballet Alice.

Based upon the beloved classic, this ballet chronicles the travels of a girl named Alice as she follows a white rabbit into Wonderland, is snubbed by beautiful garden flowers, and catches the eye of the Queen of Hearts’ love interest. Filled with bright colors, innovative costume design and interactive technology, Alice is sure to be a performance you won’t want to miss. This production features the talent of many vail students who would love the opportunity to share their hard work with you.

Tickets will be available via IDA’s website ( beginning May 10th; with the performances being held at the Vail Theatre of the Arts on May 28th and 29th.

Julie Nichols and Mika Massey, directors of IDA, have worked to create an original and thought-provoking ballet with a story told in the way only dance can do. Choreography is artistic expression made alive by movement; and as such a particular vehicle for the arts, the process by which a ballet is created often goes unnoticed. In working with a concept such as Alice the story line has to be created and driven forward by the movement.

Unlike many classical ballets, the dancers must represent both characters (such as the Mad Hatter) alongside intangible concepts (such as “falling”). At IDA the cast is well represented by student dancers who are developing technical and performance qualities throughout the process; and whose abilities and training must be accounted for as the choreography is created.

A unique aspect of the way this ballet was created is demonstrated by many of the advanced dancers having the opportunity to participate in the choreographic process. Katie Annunziato, an IDA advanced dancer says, “I am excited to perform Alice in Wonderland with Integra dance arts. Our directors have really come up with amazing choreography to enhance the abilities of all of the dancers within the studio. I am fortunate enough to be partnering for the first time in the show as the Queen of Hearts. The teachers here are so dedicated to making the show the best possible and to make each role fit each student. I can’t wait for the community to see this amazing production.”

Excited to have your child returning to in person activities and looking for summer programs to enroll in? Integra Dance Arts has summer registration now open for preschool, general dance, hip hop and musical theatre camps and intermediate/advanced dance intensives. This information along with upcoming Fall registration is also available on their website.

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