By DR. Azam MD, MPH, Integrative Physician and Samreen Khan, MHA, BSC, Integrative Health Coach

The new year brings amazing opportunity to reset your wellness goals and put your plans into action. WildBerryMD is here to help you lose weight, balance your hormones, debloat, optimize your thyroid and maximize your energy with medical weight loss and lifestyle coaching. We are sharing our simple and fabulous weight loss tips that can be easily incorporated into your lifestyle

Have Fun While Working Out. There are so many different and exciting ways to stay active and healthy—and finding the exercises you enjoy most is part of the fun. Set goals to walk 10,000 steps a day or set up your own dance routine of 30 minutes a day.

Keep Track of What You Consume. Either use your phone or a notebook to keep track of everything you eat and drink throughout the day so you can make sure you avoid overindulging. It is always a good idea to be 80% full and 20% hungry so that you can give your body a chance to burn fat.

Find Healthier Snacks. Replace unhealthy snacks like chips with better options like nuts, fruit, and vegetables.

Enjoy Green Tea. There are many benefits associated with drinking tea—especially green tea, which has antioxidants that can help your body burn more fat.

Get Enough Sleep. Making sure you get enough sleep will help you avoid snacking on sugary items to try to help you perk up throughout the day.
Plan Your Meals in Advance. Find recipes that will let you make food for multiple days at once, then pack up your meals and keep them in the refrigerator or freezer.

Try Intermittent Fasting. Many people lose weight with intermittent fasting, which involves fasting for certain periods of time throughout the day.

Get a Lipo-B Injection. This injection combines fat burning enzymes and vitamin B12 to help people achieve their weight loss goals.

Ask a Doctor About Appetite Suppressants. You can ask your doctor about appetite suppressants to see if these are a good option for you.

Our science based medical weight loss programs analyze your health history, lifestyle, body composition, metabolism, and hormonal balance to design the optimal program for you. Our weight loss diets focus on real foods that are rich in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and healthy fats. We can kick start your weight loss with Natural or Prescription appetite suppressants, Fat Burner and B12 injections, Hormonal balancing, Natural HCG, and selection of physician-designed diets such as healthy carb, non-inflammatory, keto, intermittent fasting and much more. Call us and start your transformation today!

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