By Rick Bass

The May issue of the Vail Voice published two important letters by Pima County Supervisor Steve Christy and Tucson City Councilwoman Nikki Lee. Both letters described how water rates could impact our Greater Vail Area and the possibility for incorporation vs. annexation. We have all observed the booming home and business development, increased road traffic and growing demands on our infrastructure and natural resources. A special Vail area incorporation Zoom meeting with the South East Regional Council is scheduled for May 20, 2021 @ 6:00 PM. Please check the Vail Ready web site for updated Zoom links and meeting details.

Wildfire Season is Here! As our extreme drought conditions continue, wildfires and water awareness are critical to managing and mitigating this summer’s wildfire season. We are fortunate to have a top tier ISO 2 rated fire dept.- Rincon Valley Fire District and their “Ready, Set, Go” Program. This unique wildfire home assessment program encourages proactive measures for homeowners to take before an emergency and actions to follow when communities are threatened. Contact Rincon Valley Fire District (RFVD) for more information on the home assessment program for residents. Visit: or phone: 520-647-3760.

Did you know that your fire and homeowner’s insurance may automatically provide a free service in mitigating wildfire damage and loss to your home or business. Wildfire Defense Systems (WDS) has been contracted by many insurance companies nationwide to monitor and respond by delivering proactive fire mitigating services in protecting policy holders assets. See the Vail Ready web site for more information.

How Water Aware Are You? In order to assist their customers to use our water resources wisely and efficiently, Tucson Water has developed programs and published literature for all Pima County area customers to use in their efforts to conserve our most precious resource. Tucson Water is the sponsor of the Pima County Smartscape Program. As water continues to be a critical issue in our desert ecoregion, education is essential to preserve this vital resource. The Vail Ready web site has many resources (Home page) to help residents and businesses to conserve and become water wise.

Let’s all be “Vail Ready” this summer.

Rick Bass is a USAF Veteran. He has extensive background in crisis management, suicide prevention and resource development for the disabled. A lifelong community volunteer and a new age music composer, he enjoys the expansive beauty of the Vail area.

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