Chuck Colbath of Bavilon Salon required an electric cart to shop for groceries. He often had trouble locating one at the local Safeway in Vail. At first, the store only had four carts and two had been out of order since prior to the pandemic. Whenever Chuck asked the managers, he was told only one person fixes power chairs for all of the Safeways in Tucson and, unfortunately, that person was not available. The chairs sat broken or were severely underperforming.

Chuck spoke with the acting manager at Safeway and had a long talk about how desperately the mobile chairs were needed. He asked him to call corporate and ask for help. That yielded no results either, so Chuck took matters into his own hands and started calling the corporate office himself until someone understood how serious this issue was.

Then in comes Robert Redford. Well…not that Robert Redford, but rather the Robert Redford who is the Safeway district manager. He responded via email and now there will be eight working cars available for use in September. Chuck has had instances, as others have, where there have been no carts and had to shop elsewhere.

Chuck wanted everyone to know the electrical carts are back and ready for use!

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