Dear Editor,

I met Lucretia Free 5 years ago. After a friendly conversation she invited me to write an article for the paper she started in the Tanque Verde Valley. I took the opportunity to opine on topics such as Federalism, Socialism ect. I wanted to use the freedom of press to fully participate as a citizen and see what came of it. An interesting thing happened. I got feedback. That experience helped me refine my opinions on several topics and I have benefited greatly from it. I never really thanked her for that opportunity. I never knew if she agreed with any of my opinions or not. She tolerated and printed them. It’s from that experience that I believe she would make a great representative. We don’t need to agree on everything, but we do need the freedom to discover if we ourselves are in error. She gave that to me through our shared freedom of the press. If there is a way to support her, I’d like to repay a little of my debt of gratitude.

John Payson Lee

Dear Editor,

What has prompted me to enter the fray of often heated debate over the safety and efficacy of mRNA vaccines were the thoughtful comments from students who have followed the steady stream of information but only from one perspective. Here are some facts : This is new technology never before used on humans ( 2 ) Vaccine trials from development and release can take 10-15 years ( 3 ) In order to be classified a vaccine it must offer both substantial protection from infection and transmission. As evidenced by the copious amounts of breakthrough infection among fully vaccinated adults here and all over the world this has proven not to be the case. ( 3 ) The Sars cov-2 virus has and will continue to mutate like the flu or common cold and so far the addition of boosters has not stopped the spread ( 4 ) The fatality rate from Covid 19 is less than 1% and the average age of the deceased is 78. Here are my main points of concern : Children are the first line of defense in mitigating the spread of Covid 19 infection as their immune systems are very robust as virtually all cases have resulted in minor symptoms to moderate illness with a near 100% recovery rate. Of the 73 million children/teenagers in the US less than 700 have died from Covid 19 and almost all had co-morbidities like obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure and cancer. Many Doctors are alarmed at the dramatic increase of myocarditis among young healthy children especially affecting males after covid vaccination. Asymptomatic carriers like children cannot spread Covid 19 there is no science or data to prove this. Repeated dosing of mRNA vaccination can over simulate the immune system and can cause a cytokine storm which is deadly. Will everyone who has taken the jab be adversely affected, no. But the amount of real world data that includes severe side affects and death cannot be dismissed as an anomaly. Our immune systems are a wonder of nature or God and no vaccinations so far have been proven to be superior specifically in the treatment of Covid 19 hence the probability of life long immunity after recovery. I urge all parents to thoroughly research the pros and cons of Covid 19 vaccination and reference authoritative sources like Dr. Peter McCullough and to be empowered to make a decision based on informed consent to do what’s right for our children

Frank Hannibal

Dear Editor,

In Vail we are grateful. Our community came together in the most remarkable way to help students and families in need. We are grateful for our school staff, our counselors and student service coordinators who work tirelessly to help provide resources for our families and students. We are grateful for our community donors who help us throughout the year make our schools remarkable places. At Christmas we are grateful for our community donors who went the extra miles to ensure that there were gifts for almost 500 students. We are grateful for the Vail Voice in helping highlight our school based Angel Tree program. We are grateful for the 28 new donors who read the Vail Voice article in November and adopted Angels for Christmas this year. We are grateful for our community and our friends that help support our programs and our schools. Education truly is a community effort. Thank you to all. We are grateful for you!

Jill Wells
Family Resource and Community Coordinator
Vail School District

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