I listened to the League of Women Voters forum with Supervisor Steve Christy, incumbent for Pima County District 4 Supervisor and Steve Diamond, his opponent.

I knew that Supervisor Christy had voted against the Pima County mask mandate.  What I didn’t know is how much of a science denier he is and how he holds businesses above the health of his constituents.

I want County officials to  base all decisions regarding public health on science that is based in real research, not beliefs.  He decries the Pima Public Health Department for notifying the public about businesses who are not following the mandate.

I make my decision of who to patronize at this time on whether they follow the mask mandate and the County health department helps me with> that choice.

Regarding helping small businesses, rather than let them all ignore the mask mandate, why not patronize, as I do, the wonderful Italian restaurant in Corona de Tucson and others like them?  They have followed the mandate and all their staff have worn masks since it started.

Jean Vickers

Corona de Tucson

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