Dear Editor,

As a community we are at the point of asking if The Vail Voice has lost its diversity. It seems the paper used to have a variety of writers and opinions and viewpoints that were published each month. Unfortunately, now it seems nepotism has infiltrated the paper.

The issue? The owner of the newspaper works for the District 4 Supervisor. Steve Christy is a regular writer on Page 2 of every issue. The editor of the paper is the sister of the owner. And the owner’s son is a regular writer for the paper.

The problem with any media having too much nepotism intertwined and embedded is there is no diversity of opinion. The temptation for “staying on message” or only touting the party line is too great. 

I think we all appreciate family run businesses.  However, when it comes to influencing people’s minds and opinions in something like media we need to question if this is good for our community or not.


A Rodriguez 

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