By Hollie Warnick

We can probably all agree that education is important. We may differ on what education looks like. Indeed, many leaders are very educated. It is also true that, there are self-made people do not have a formal education. If you’re barely starting in life, starting over, or simply seeking more light and knowledge, books can lead the way. Remember those “for Dummies” books on all different topics? Well, they are a jumping off point for investigators. Truly, knowledge is power. No need to follow all the leads you find. Choosing one rabbit hole to dive down may be the ticket to finding your true passion. The point is to expand yourself. Books help our brain see what’s possible out there; life’s potentialities.
If you’re in a rut or just seeking, try out these genres…

Informational Texts
Go to for “how to” and in-depth descriptions of the world around us. Grab these when you desire knowledge on a particular subject.

We’re all human with fallibilities, dreams, and amazing accomplishments. Seize these when you’re wondering how people keep the world turning. There are many mind-opening stories of how people get from A to B, H, or even Z!

Historical Non-Fiction
Discover the mistakes of the past or re-write history in your own mind. Hear both sides of the story. Learn what got us here.

Reexamine, reconsider, and restructure your life with a dash of hope.

Spiritual Teachings
The Bhagavad Gita, Bible and others in this genre are clear on their intentions to enlighten readers. This is your resource when you’re feeling alone or without direction.

Who dunit? Where is the missing diamond? Can your figure it out before the main character does? Hone your observational skills here.

From epics to romance, scientific or just plain adventurous, fantasy can take you away or center you back to where you started with a new outlook. Many truths are revealed in this genre.

Often, when we see circumstances through an altered perspective in a book, the mind allows paradigm shifts with ease. Safer in a book than an argument with a loved one. This can be our education. As the world continuously transforms, we too can alter our views. Turn to books and let your curiosity lead you.

Hollie Warnick is a behavioral kinesiologist utilizing natural solutions like energy medicine, essential oils, and applied kinesiology to help others gain clarity, peace, and power in their lives. With a Bachelor of Science in Human Biology and alternative therapy certifications, Hollie shares ways to transform daily life and breakthrough to life’s true purpose. Contact (520) 800-4383 or

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