By Hollie Warnick

At the start of 2021, as we again are asked to keep our distance from one another, do you find yourself feeling alone? Abandoned by friends and the Universe? Unable to be with a special someone for Valentine’s day? Or just feeling lonesome amongst the daily rigmarole? Some of us may feel lost or forgotten as we navigate these unprecedented times. Life changes and it changes fast. How do we keep up our mentality and emotions with all the adjustments required of us lately?

If you’re struggling with the blues and feeling isolated take heed, you are supported. Despite seeming to be separate from all others, we truly are all connected. Not only are we all made of the same materials (atoms, molecules, and cells), we are all part of the collective conscious of this planet. We each have an inner voice and knowingness which localizes within our body and being. As humans, we are unconsciously aware of the status of any beings adjacent to us.

You may be a more in tune or empathic person who acutely feels the emotions of those nearby. This is an age-old natural instinct that we each have in order to help us survive. If you add up all of us and our tapping into the energy of individuals in our proximities, you get a collective conscious. This means that your emotions are felt by and prodding those close by while their energies and emotions are also influencing you. That is one reason why children and adults both are so profoundly affected by that which is around us. When we emanate the love and peace it truly impacts those around us.

Another consciousness that can continuously have a loving effect on us is the love from those who have gone before us. Whether you expect family to be waiting for you on the other side when you pass or you are basking in the benefits of privileges, buildings, or traditions from those before you, you are experiencing the creative and loving force of hearts that poured out all that they had as they passed through life. The essence of our predecessors can have a loving impact on our every day. We have but to look around and ask for the love to be shown, and while we’re at it, let’s show some love to others, too.

Hollie Warnick is a behavioral kinesiologist utilizing natural solutions like energy medicine, essential oils, and applied kinesiology to help others gain clarity, peace, and power in their lives. With a Bachelor of Science in Human Biology and alternative therapy certifications, Hollie shares ways to transform daily life and breakthrough to life’s true purpose. Contact (520) 800-4383 or

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