By Brad Anderson

Business and Vail. Do these two terms actually go together?

Absolutely! There are many times when we think of doing business, we automatically think of going into “town.” Tucson does have an abundance of stores, but what about doing business right here – in our local neighborhood? We have some GREAT restaurants, retail, and professional businesses. Right here – within a five-to-ten-minute drive from home, we have the ability of doing business with someone who shares our passion for the Vail community.

We live in a unique area. When we go into a local store, business, or restaurant, we will probably see someone we know. There is a good chance the owner, server or employee will know us as well. That does not happen very often in Tucson.

It is in our best interest to promote and support our local businesses. When we buy close to home, we keep our money in our community which helps build our local economy. When we buy products and services from our friends and neighbors, we add levels of connection to existing relationships. We can count on our local businesses to take good care of us because they are staffed by people we know, our neighbors. This familiarity makes them accountable to us in ways that are rare when we deal with companies outside the area.

We have so many great choices. Let’s support our neighbors.

Brad Anderson grew up on a family farm in northern Colorado and from Colorado State University. He joined the Greater Vail area Chamber of Commerce when he moved to southern Arizona as an Edward Jones Financial Advisor in Vail.

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