By Tamra Haase

We are on the fence, should we or shouldn’t we sell right now?

Seller’s Market Won’t Last Forever and Higher mortgage rates could compound this effect. Both of these factors — but especially home prices reduce buyer demand as we move further into 2021 . It’s currently a great time to make your move and put on the market.

Maybe 2020 caused a financial change or you’re needing space for a home office. No matter the reason that you need to move, the lack of inventory will help your home sell quickly.

Homes at entry level prices that are appealing to first time-home buyers are expected to be in high demand through 2021.

While younger Millennial and Gen-Z buyers are expected to play a growing role in the housing market, fast-rising prices will create a bigger barrier to entry for the many first-time buyers in these generations who don’t have existing home equity to tap for down payment savings.”

Clearly, many more people are interested in buying than selling this summer, creating the sellers’s market. When this happens, homeowners in a position to sell have the upper hand in negotiations.

Interest rates are still amazing.

If you are looking to buy, be patient, steadfast, ready and serious to make the offer immediately and the right one will come up.

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