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If you’re active on Facebook and follow the Vail School District, you might have seen a picture posted recently of a few men standing next to a wheelchair ramp. This wheelchair ramp was built after a family reached out to the Vail School District asking for help. A child, who attends a school in the Vail School District, is wheelchair bound and needed an easier way to access the home every day. As soon as the family called the school, the school took action reaching out to a network of people and organizations who have expressed interest in helping when needs like this arise. In this case, it was Vail Christian Church that responded to the call.

On a Sunday morning, prior to the service, Pastor Ben Pitney let those in attendance know about the need and asked for volunteers. The response from that one announcement was overwhelming. After coordinating the volunteers and determining what was required to build the ramp, members from Vail Christian Church bought the materials and scheduled a Saturday workday. By sunset, the child had a new ramp and easier access to the home.

This story is just one of many of how the organizations across the greater Vail area help families in need. We’re now deep into the time of year when some families’ constraints are more pronounced. The magic of the holidays becomes lost when there are no presents under the Christmas tree on Christmas morning, and the holiday meals look more like thinly dressed tables than feasts that lead to memories made. It’s also this time of year when many of us who are fortunate long for ways to embrace those around us who are struggling. If you’re one of the families who want to give back to a neighbor in need, there are a few ways you can follow the example of organizations like Vail Christian Church and adopt a family this holiday season.

The Vail School District offers one of those ways through their Angel Tree program. Your family, a group of friends, or organization can adopt a family and buy Christmas presents for the children whose parents might not be in a position to stuff stockings this year. If you’d like to adopt an angel, please contact Heather Stough at the Vail School District by email ( for more information.

You can also drop food off at the ReSources Food Bank located between the tracks. Or, host a food drive at your organization. Visit for more information.

The Vail Depot Thrift Store is open throughout the holiday season. Here you won’t have to battle mall crowds or pay hefty shipping prices. Better yet, with every purchase you make a portion of the proceeds will go back to the Vail Food Bank to support people in the greater Vail area.

Many other faith-based organizations around the community are also pulling together to put food and presents in the hands of families who need a little extra help bringing joy and magic to their homes this holiday. Will you help a neighbor in need?

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