By Hollie Warnick

Changes in times, changes in places, changes in feelings, changes in faces. Many of us are finding ourselves displaced from previous circumstances or beliefs because of outside environments or because of our own choosing. The year 2020 has asked much of us. Life as we knew it has changed and continues to do so. The only constant is that change. This isn’t new, but it occurs much more intensely these days. To continue, we must transform and transmute our context of life.

Are we conscious of the incredible energetic shift that is necessary for us to transition from one status to another? We must overcome energetic mountains to change states of mind and being. Sometimes it is easy and simple, while at other times, it is difficult or insurmountable. When we consider the emotional, physical, or financial ties required to change, we may feel daunted. We can become despondent or rise to the challenge.

Who would have thought that 2020 would bring such innovation, turmoil, and truth revealing events? We have lost loved ones, we have prospered, been moved by togetherness, and frightened by the disease of domination-oriented persons or groups. How are you handling the strife and growth this year that has unfolded?

Despite the shifts in scenery or relationships, we must be determined to remain stable inside. It is preferable to have an internal light and source to lean on. We can look inward for strength. Some may see this as a Higher Power within while others may find the quietude of non-judgment or internal openness to depend upon. Others still may consider this internal foundation to just be the “self.” Whatever internal guide of peace you rely upon, find time to meet that part of yourself and cultivate a relationship, whether it be through mediation, prayer, journaling, or going out of doors. Commune with that which underpins your soul. Tune into the melody of life that gracefully continues on even through the storms and droughts of life. Many transitions lead us to treasures we never thought possible.

If you are resisting a transition life is requiring of you, contact Hollie to discover the Zen within.

Hollie Warnick is a behavioral kinesiologist utilizing natural solutions like energy medicine, essential oils, and applied kinesiology to help others gain clarity, peace, and power in their lives. With a Bachelor of Science in Human Biology and alternative therapy certifications, Hollie shares ways to transform daily life and breakthrough to life’s true purpose. Contact (520) 800-4383 or

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