By Hollie Warnick

Ever heard of the term “Lucid Dreaming”, “Astral Realms” or seen the movie “The Matrix”? If you’re an avid questioner of reality, you are probably familiar with these. These concepts toy with our idea of what is truly happening and what is just a construct of our mind. How committed to this reality are you? If it’s pleasant, maybe you have zero questions about who’s in control and where your life is going. If life is unpleasant for you, you may wonder who’s really in charge of this wild ride.

Questioning reality is an age-old activity, not solely for philosophers. People have been inquiring about the fabric of life for centuries in diverse ways. Some don’t believe in what they see, while others see more than the average person- into other times or dimensions. One way you can explore your curiosity is via lucid dreaming.
Lucid dreaming is when you are in the dream state and become aware that you’re are dreaming. You know that you are not in your regular daily life. You realize that you are asleep in your bed instead of actually being in the dreamscape. This is when you can get creative. In lucid dreaming, you get to change the scene, characters, and events that occur while you’re in this state.

A quick access to this state is the time right after you lay down for bed and before you’re fully asleep. You may get visions and imaginings mixed with your unwinding of the day. Here, you can impose more control over what happens and which thoughts you follow. It’s a great place to start practicing lucid dreaming.

Another way to check reality is to practice with a sign you’d recognize. You could check your watch twice, attempt to fly, or ask yourself if you’re dreaming. Do these during the day and when you begin to lucid dream, you’ll naturally do them too.

Now, if you see me jumping up and down in the local grocery store, now you’ll know why! I’m practicing for my lucid dreams.

Hollie Warnick is a Behavioral Kinesiologist and Reiki Master utilizing behavioral health concepts, energy medicine, and essential oils to help clients gain clarity, peace, and power in their relationships and lives. Hollie leads classes and personal sessions that transform your breakdowns into miracles with insights and healing for inside and out. Contact (520) 800-4383 or

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