By Hollie Warnick

Wintertime and the holidays bring so many wonderful festivities and traditions that warm our hearts. The longtime tradition of caroling speaks of humankind’s desire to spread cheer by expressing their personal joy of the season. Singing is a universal way to express our emotions. Have you ever strolled down city streets and heard carolers singing? Or joined a hayride with a steaming cup of chocolate or cider while merrily spouting tunes about figgy pudding and a newborn king? This year consider finding a warm place by the fire where you can sing along with loved ones to your favorite holiday carols. Raising our voices in happiness and exaltation does something to the Spirit that evidences our delight with life and its seasons.

Music not only expresses and mimics our lives, it can change how we feel as well. In many countries, music therapy has long been practiced and recognized as a viable way to calm the nerves and dissipate feelings of anxiety or distress. We in this country also cultivate a magical relationship with music. Notice the teacher who puts on classical music for the students to better study and focus, the yogi who listens to chants, or the teenager who puts on the latest and greatest popular selections. One set of music brings calm while the other may evoke creativity or angst. The vocalized poetry of our favorite musicians gives us insight on our own thoughts and emotions.

While listening to a recorded song can lift the heart, being in the presence of a live performance is something everyone should experience. You can get tickets for the local chorale, go to a school recital, or frequent performance centers to enjoy live events as soon as you feel comfortable. The difference in vibration from a live concert to reproduced music is quite different! It’s special to view and hear music in person. It more clearly resonates love and creativity within the soul. Just think of yourself performing; what an incredible feat that is! It’s an exercise of bravery and giving when we share our talents.

If current circumstances have you isolated or just feeling blue, try humming a few bars or imagine angels and beings of light singing to you; helping you heal and vibrate at a higher, healthier frequency. There’s so much out there that can help us be our healthiest self. Join in on the holiday cheer this year!

Hollie Warnick is a behavioral kinesiologist utilizing natural solutions like energy medicine, essential oils, and applied kinesiology to help others gain clarity, peace, and power in their lives. With a Bachelor of Science in Human Biology and alternative therapy certifications, Hollie shares ways to transform daily life and breakthrough to life’s true purpose. Contact (520) 800-4383 or

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