By Liz Kanon

Creation School recently chose the coatimundi for their school mascot. The parent-teacher league hosted the voting as a fund raiser for the school. Over $1,800 was raised through the generosity of the participants. Cassi Sutherland, a Creation teacher, submitted the original design.

Jennifer Hook, school administrator, commented, “It seemed like a natural choice to select the coati as our school mascot, given our proximity to Colossal Cave Mountain Park, which is a well-known coatimundi hang-out! God has given us many treasures in the Vail area, and we are pleased to choose one of them to represent the school.”

Coatis have a reputation for intelligence. They are social animals, traveling in bands of 4-25 individuals. They are also known as strong and fierce fighters. The coati is native to Southern Arizona and can be found through Central and South America.

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