By Lucretia Free

Location: 1015 E Vail Rd., #101, 85747

Wienerschnitzel is located on the Northwest corner of Houghton Rd. and Mary Ann Cleveland. They plan to open in late November 2020.  Wienerschnitzel is a family owned and operated fast food restaurant since 1992 and operate five locations in Tucson, 2 Hamburgerstands and 3 Wienerschnitzels. Wienerschnitzel serves up our world-famous Chili Dogs, Corn Dogs, and Chili Cheese Fries. They also will offer Tastee Freez soft serve frozen desert menu offers Cones, Shakes, Sundaes and more. Additionally, they serve up burgers from their Hamburgerstand menu.

They are hiring during the months of October and November. All applicants can apply online at

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Lucretia Free