By Jill Wells
Family Resources & Community Coordinator
Vail School District

The holiday season is a special time of year. It is a time for parties, joy, singing, celebration, families, get togethers, and the exchanging of gifts. It is the perfect time for moving beyond ourselves and giving.

For families who are struggling economically, it can also be a time of stress and hard choices. We are still grappling with unprecedented times where unemployment and financial recovery are affecting so many in our Vail community. The Vail School District counselors and student services coordinators work closely with families who face challenges to make ends meet. We started the Angel Tree Program to help make the holiday season memorable for those who would otherwise not have any kind of celebration.

The angels are adopted by community members, school district staff, churches, and businesses in Vail. It is easy to adopt. You simply need to contact Jill Wells at She will assign you an angel based on the age criteria you desire. All angels have provided our adopters with a favorites list, clothing sizes, two wants and two needs. You can then brave the store to find just the right presents or order online. Once you have finished shopping, you can drop the gifts off by a specific date at a specific school.

This is the perfect opportunity to inspire the sense of giving with children, your co-workers or in your religious groups. Adopting an angel is the true spirit of the holidays. Spread a little cheer today!

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