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Online retailers make it easy to skip the crowds. But that convenience can make you vulnerable to fraudsters. Here are five tips for staying safe while shopping online.

  1. Update Software: Malware can steal your information and damage your electronic devices. All it takes is one click on an ad or hyperlink to download a nasty virus or spyware. Ensure that all devices have security programs installed, including your mobile phone.
  2. Use Credit not Debit: Both cards offer protection against fraudulent charges. However, credit cards can provide greater protection with less hassle. If a thief accesses your debit card, he can drain your checking account before you realize there’s a problem.
  3. “No” to Public Wi-Fi: When you use public Wi-Fi, the information you send through apps or websites can be accessed by cyberthieves. These criminals look for security flaws in public networks and intercept data from users.
  4. Only Secure Websites: Look at the web address on the checkout page. It should begin with “https” and have a closed padlock icon next to the browser address. These two features show that the information you’re about to transmit will be encrypted.
  5. Strengthen Passwords: If thieves guess your password and gain access to your account, they can change your shipping address. Use a different, complex password for every online account.

Enjoy worry-free online shopping with a Hughes Visa® Credit Card. With Visa’s Zero Liability Policy, you’re not responsible for unauthorized charges*.

*Conditions apply

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