By Susan Summers

Most Southern Arizonans assume that Vail area residents will never have to choose between buying groceries next week or paying the utility bills, or whether their kids will have enough to eat over the weekend.   They assume that folks in Vail are all solidly middle class or perhaps even affluent members of the horsey set – but they’d be wrong.

The USDA estimates that 37 million people in the United States struggle with hunger and that over 14 million households are “food insecure.”   Like other areas of Pima County, Vail is not immune to these staggering statistics;  there are many pockets of poverty and hunger right in our midst, and people who need emergency food because of unforeseen circumstances.

Since 2016, Greater Vail Community Resources has dedicated itself to addressing this need through ReSources Vail Food Bank and the Vail Depot Thrift Store, both of which are powered primarily by a large group of volunteers who firmly believe in the motto of “neighbors helping neighbors.”   While the Vail Depot Thrift Store generates sufficient funds to cover the food bank’s basic operational costs, donations are needed to fund ongoing programs:  the distribution of food to eligible individuals and families, providing weekend “back packs” full or supplemental nutrition for needy students, as well as providing meals for homebound residents and support for area “youth on their own.”

Every donated dollar received by ReSources goes directly to support of these programs rather than organizational overhead costs. As tax time approaches, please consider keeping your donations local by contributing to Greater Vail Community Resources – a recognized 501(c)(3) and “Qualifying Charitable Organization” under the state’s tax credit option.

Through this program, the state of Arizona allows you to contribute to the charitable causes you choose while reducing the amount of taxes you owe on a dollar-for-dollar basis – up to $400 for those filing as individuals and up to $800 for married persons filing jointly.   Just visit the ReSources web site, click on “give back” and then click on “AZ Tax Credit.” Visit us at:


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