by Angela deVesty

There are many reasons people seek to simplify their lives.  Decluttering your house makes it easier to clean.  Minimizing your store list puts dollars back in your wallet.  Purchasing pre-owned items is good for the earth.  Minimalism, or the voluntary simplicity movement, is not a new theme.  It’s been around since the time of Plato and emerged as a major trend several times in the United States.  It is a trend fueled by religion, politics, and more presently economic and environmental concerns.

Voluntary simplicity means just that; the choice to live a simple life.  It amounts to downsizing, shopping frugally and embracing consumer behaviors such as donation, recycling, reselling, reusing, and repurposing.  This creates less financial stress, reduces your carbon footprint, and expands your freedom to share with others.  Living simply also fosters a deeper appreciation for your belongings and relationships.

Whether you’re an expert at simplicity, or just beginning your journey, Greater Vail Community ReSources has an opportunity for you.  Find us on Facebook, and share your upcycling ideas with our online community.  Shop and donate to the Vail Depot Thrift Store; proceeds fund Resources Vail Food Bank.  Have a few hours a week to spare?  We are currently in need of volunteers.  Visit to learn more.



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