By Catherine Hallberg

Have you noticed any behavior changes in your pets since you’ve been spending more time at home? Our parrots have become louder and needier. Our Scarlet Macaw, Gandalf, was having these problems as well as a minor bug so we took him in to see our veterinarian.

According to our vet animals are very sensitive to any changes in our routines and moods. They can become needy, more vocal or agitated. You might think they are too much to deal with, but spending a little extra time playing with them, petting them or just sitting with them can make a difference. They look to you as their safe haven.

If you act differently, so will they. Spending some personal time with them can make you feel calmer as well. After all, we got our pets because they make us feel happier and loved. Loving them will make your life seem a little more normal.

Now if we can just figure out how to get our birds to spend some quiet time in their cages!!

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