by Hollie Warnick 

Having a run-in with the most recent illness? Can’t shake anxious feelings? Tried traditional ways to eliminate headaches with no results? We know that healing can occur in many ways and arenas, so what’s the hold up? We can choose health practices that cleanse our mind, body, or spirit. It’s up to the individual to determine which way is best for them. Some people try all sorts of remedies and never seem to “find the cure,” while others are miraculously healed after one change in behavior. What if there was a short cut to determine which way was best for you? Well, there is, it’s called behavioral kinesiology. 

Behavioral kinesiology is a distinct alternative healing modality. It’s comprised of three components: Behavioral health (mind), applied kinesiology (body) or muscle testing, and energetics (spirit). Combining potent verbiage with muscle testing and energetics provides an instrumental and unlimited space to access transformation. 

Behavioral kinesiology is a powerful way to bypass the ego and identify what’s going on in the subconscious and unconscious. Utilizing muscle testing to ask “yes or no” questions gives strong or weak responses, similar to computer code 0,1,0,1.  This traces stress related health issues to the core of your unconscious mind to discover the cause of unproductive behaviors or undesired outcomes.  

A behavioral kinesiology session employs verbal declarations to ground your energetics, request light and truth, remove negative programming, and close the session. Root causes of issues are identified and disappeared. After clearing internal spaceit’s then filled with positive possibilities and declarations that touch, move, and inspire! The session leaves you ready to move forward with new insights and energy. 

So, whether you’ve got wintertime blues, anxiety, or just want a breakthrough, you can use this interesting alternative therapy to find your way back to peace, power, and a pretty perspective.  

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