The McCulloch-Wagner American Legion Family is very appreciative of the numerous volunteers who work consistently to further the progress of our patriotic organization.  All officers of the 109 entities are hard working elected volunteers who devote many hours to assure that the 109 family functions in a productive and purposeful manner.  Meals served in the 109 dining room are prepared and served by 109 volunteers.

The Post 109 family sponsored Boy Scout Troop 770 leaders are all dedicated volunteers who work selflessly to assure that the youngsters in the troop learn the healthy “American Way of Life” while learning and enjoying camping skills, hiking, flag etiquette, life skills and numerous other educational and enjoyable activities.  The troop leaders and scouts prepare and serve a delicious and well prepared dinner many months of the year on the first Saturday of the month.  It is very heartwarming to enjoy the fine service which the boys provide. Proceeds from dinners help send the troop to summer camp.  Several leaders of Troop 770 are Post 109 Family members.  Many of Troop 770’s scouts have achieved the esteemed rank of Eagle Scout throughout the many years that 109 has sponsored and supported them.

The current Commander of 109 is Dave (Coach) Crow, who is serving his second consecutive year in that capacity.  Dave served our country in the Unites States Marine Corps and also is an avid volunteer at Post 109,  working in the kitchen, keeping the post grounds neat and clean, and performing numerous other duties which his position as post commander requires. Dave is also a long time volunteer in the Vail School District.  Dave wrote the article below.

Who Retires?

After over 30 years with IBM, it was time to go have some fun.  While I was working in Austin, Texas I became interested in Track and Field. Little did I know what this interest would lead to.  Six months before my retirement, I stopped by the brand new high school named Cienega, in Vail, to let them know I would like to volunteer to help with Track and Field events.  I think they were happy to have me because I am still there.  The next year, I was asked to help with freshman, which was something new to me. Two years into this venture, I started coordination of concessions for sports and set up an Equipment Managers program which allowed students the opportunity to learn how to work with football equipment plus all other aspects of the program. Many of these student football Equipment  Managers have since attended and been awarded full scholarships from Pima Community College.

Did you ever wonder where to put everything when there is no room for it? Space Planning was one of the duties I loved doing at IBM so they let me do that at Cienega;  even after all these volunteer years (2003 – 2018) I still try to master that.  Asset Control is the newest of my “What A Challenge” jobs.  The Vail School District is rapidly growing and needs volunteers.  I believe that volunteerism helps me keep young, “our youth is our future.”

Cienega High School’s NJROTC cadets are frequent volunteers at Post 109. They have volunteered for the POW/WOW, (produce distribution) ever since its inception at the post, helping make this endeavor flow nicely; their teamwork and efficiency are remarkable.  Some of the cadets also volunteer as wait staff. Helping to serve meals and washing dishes gives the kids a chance to earn spending money while learning viable work skills. Post 109 dining room guests are very appreciative of their exceptional courtesy and attention to detail. They do much to enhance service. Post 109 volunteers appreciate the opportunity to affiliate themselves with these fine young men and women, some of whom will be serving our country in the United States military. It is great to know that these cadets are a large part of America’s future.

An upcoming event is the ALR Post 109 Second Annual Autism Run on April 14th. This event is open to the public. Last year’s event raised a very tidy sum for this very special population of autistic children in the Vail School district and surrounding areas. The hard working Autism Event Committee is working hard and are hopeful that this year’s effort will surpass last years.


The second attached photo is the presentation of a certificate to Gunny Juan Lara and JROTC Cadets, by Unit 109 ladies, for appreciation of their many volunteer hours at 109.

The third picture is Squadron 109 members, pictured left Virgil Smith, center  Dave”Coach” Post 109 Commander and at right current Squadron 109 Commander Thomas Stack. The gentlemen are cooking breakfast at post 109.

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