Dear Editor,

After at least one month of continuous television coverage of the Coronavirus, I would like to comment on something that I see every time I go to the grocery store.

It doesn’t matter which store I go to, I see children that are too large to ride in the baby seats of shopping carts being pushed around the store by a parent, while the child usually over five years old sits or stands in the cart with their shoes and street clothes. This is where we put our groceries.

Most stores offer sanitary wipes to clean the handles of the carts, but does anyone clean the basket of the cart?

This practice appears more unsanitary to me than people touching the handles of the carts. It’s not just children in the carts, I have seen several people walking dogs in the markets without a service dog vest.

And then there are the people that put their Foo-Foo dogs in the cart and pretend that they are service dogs.

As a public service, Health Department inspectors and store managers should stop people from riding children in the basket area of the carts.

Leroy B. Vaughn

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