We have published the below letter addressed to Mayor Regina Romero at the request and with the permission of Diana Bentley and the team at Blue Rose Legacy. – ED

Dear Mayor Romero,

I appreciate your continued efforts to encourage folks to stay home. Common sense tells us that Covid-19 will be with us for the foreseeable future and we should make every effort to protect ourselves and others against preventable transmission. 

While our elderly population shelters in place, I worry about the impact of quarantine on their well-being. Without regular interactions from caregivers or nearby friends or family, common risk factors go unchecked. Hospital staff and physicians are commenting as well that they worry about people who are not seeking necessary care. 

In-home care is essential for a large portion of our elderly community, but they are understandably afraid of having strangers in their home. They worry about getting Covid19 from a caregiver, but the fact is that caregivers are just as worried about getting it on the job and are doing everything they can to prevent transmission. Safety is top priority for everyone on the front lines of this pandemic. 

Today I am asking if perhaps you could influence some entity to issue supportive guidance to the community on safe practices. Could you help us empower the public to take charge of their health and wellness at home? Our industry is struggling, and our community is at risk. We need help building confidence in home-based care.

My suggestion is to advise people who need it to get help so they can stay safe at home, and to ask questions about:

  • PPE and infection control measures,
  • How an organization screens staff (as I understand, Arizona does not regulate so it’s up to each company to have their own standards),
  • To speak to the owner. The owner should be available to handle customer concerns.
  • If caregivers will be reassigned or will someone different show up each time.
  • Optional levels of contact, such as no-contact intake and paperwork, no contact errands, reduced contact housekeeping (cleaning areas while the customer is in a different room),
  • Help with for TeleHealth appointments.

My team and I worry about people who are trying to tough it out on their own, believing they can wait this out.  We have a long road ahead of us. 

We are a local, family owned and operated organization. We are deeply concerned for our community. Any help on this matter is appreciated. 


Thank you,

Diana Bentley

Community Liaison

Blue Rose Legacy

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