Dear Editor,

I’m prompted to write this note in response to the coming election for a new member to the Vail school board. First off, I would like to thank Mr. Christopher King for his service to our country. I will only make passing note of my own service to the same during the Vietnam era, as it is a passage in my life that I rarely choose to speak of. With 58,300 names etched upon a wall in tribute to Americans who were lost in combat, and an estimated 200,000 to 250,00 Vietcong laid to rest, it does little more than cast a shadow upon us all. 

I acknowledge Mr. King’s service record for which I have offered appreciation. That said, I have as well noticed the presence of Mr. King’s political standards about the roadways of the district. I am at something of a loss as to why Mr. King has chosen to replace the letter “I” in his name with a sizable bomb pointed down, supposedly earthbound.

My question then is, “What possible good does the presence of armament do for any of us (including our youth) in seeking a quality educational experience?”  I question the fact such a negative icon would be chosen as an integral part of a campaign for a person hopeful of fulfilling the role of a public servant.

We are at present experiencing extremely divisive times. If ever there were a need for both word and imagery to promote cohesiveness and solidarity, we are now experiencing them. As commendable as Mr. King’s service was, that was then and this is now. This now calls for an entirely different set of tools. In closing I would offer that the other 3 candidates vying for the board each have the letter “I” in their names as well, though none to the best of my knowledge have chosen to replace that letter with any type of incendiary. Perhaps such a decision on their part stems from the fact that when it comes to the children of the Vail District, they know that arms are made for hugging.

Rev. Royce Davenport, Vail Az.  

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