Dear Editor:

Wow! What a difference a couple of months can make in the world of public opinion. In February, March, and April we hailed our first responders (law enforcement) as heroes for being essential in the fight against the pandemic. Businesses provided free or discounted products to first responders for their dedication to serving the public. The public went on their social media and posted videos of celebration and applause in support of law enforcement and medical staff. We were appreciative for their sacrifices. We were vocal and proud of them. Then in May, it all changed in a flash.

Law enforcement was suddenly vilified across the nation. Angry protests erupted coast to coast. Police cars were overturned, precincts were occupied, and rocks were hurled at officers. Law enforcement took the full brunt of the anger and hatred from the misguided and misinformed. To date, over 1,000 officers have been injured. A dozen officers were killed…including 5 dead officers in Dallas during an ambush on law enforcement during a BLM event. 

This is anarchy. This is an insurrection. But what is most shameful about this entire event is that a massive majority of us stood by and watched and said nothing. Why am I the only one to write the editor on this very subject in this paper? We have become weak bystanders that don’t want to offend or stand up for what we believe in. Our nation is being gutted from within and we are silent on the issue. 

A. Gonzales

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