Dear Claire,

I keep dreaming that I am being mugged or robbed.  It is different people robbing and mugging me, but I don’t ever see their faces. The robbers and muggers can be female or male and can be old or young. I get robbed on the street, in stores, at work, and at my house. The robberies happen at all times of the day and night in my dreams, and sometimes happen in the weirdest situations and in the weirdest places. In one dream, I was robbed in a bathroom at the movie theater and then robbed again walking to my car. My latest dream robbing was the most ridiculous one. I was robbed when I took my kids to get Santa pictures at the mall. People laughed when I told them that either Santa or his helper took my wallet in this dream and left me with no way to pay for the pictures. I remember being really upset about the Santa robbery in my dream, but not wanting to say anything because I knew that it was a holiday and didn’t want to spoil things for my kids or for the other people and their children. I think I figured out why I keep dreaming this way. I have been bleeding money, lately. With the holidays and recent dental work and vet bills, I do feel like I am being constantly robbed. What do you think? By the way, I thought that it would be good to share this in case other people are feeling the money strain. To let them know that they are not alone.

I definitely think that the above dreamer is correct – and I think that it is wonderful that he analyzed his own dream and wanted to share it. Many cultures share their dreams with one another in order to gain insight and guidance – and to obtain psychic cleansing and emotional release. Unfortunately, our culture does not appear to place the same value on the significant revelations that can come from examining these reflections of our mind and our emotions.

As in the above dream, stealing can be a literal expression, that a person feels that some thing or someone is literally being taken from him/her (in this dreamer’s case, money!). However, stealing in a dream can also be a more representative expression. As in, the dreamer feels that some quality or some intangible is being stolen from him/her; i.e. someone is trying to steal power or position, love or esteem. If this is the case, then the individual who is doing the stealing in the dream would be extremely significant. If a designated person is committing the robberies, then, of course, that individual would most likely be the person who the dreamer believes is usurping love, power, position, or such in his/her waking world. In the above dream, there are multiple, faceless people committing the robberies, and in multiple situations and places, so this definitely would be the dreamer’s expression of just feeling robbed in general. By the way, I often feel robbed after I leave the movie theater, as well, and I am sure many other people do, also!

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