By Paige Vogt

A hug, a kind word, a phone call. The best gifts aren’t always tangible – but amid the Christmas hubbub, it can be hard to know where to start. A holiday service effort called “Light the World – One by One,” sponsored by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, aims to provide that starting point.

To participate in Light the World, families or individuals of any faith can sign up for daily service ideas delivered to their phones or email throughout December.

Local mom, Karolee Allen, participates in Light the World every year with her four children. “It’s fun and a good opportunity for the kids to learn how to serve people,” she said. Ashlee Knapp also found it helped her family recognize the true joy of the season. “It became a cherished family memory,” she said.

Even small acts of service can make a profound difference, said Kelly Bauer, a local leader from the Church of Jesus Christ. “Sometimes the idea of a ‘service project’ can feel overwhelming, but anyone can follow these daily prompts. By small and simple acts of love, we can be more a united community this Christmas season.”

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