Dear Heather,  

Please helpMy kids are constantly fighting! Since the start of spring break, I feel like all I do is referee arguments and parole timeouts. I have tried to be consistent in my approach with discipline, knowing that is an important piece, but I need some tips!  

Sincerely, Maxed Mom  

Dear Maxed,  

Know that you are not alone in this marathon part of parenting. All parents deal with arguments and bickering between their children. If you have heavily involved yourself in their fighting, such as always stepping in to problem solve for them, try taking the backseat and allowing them the opportunity to figure it out for themselves. Try creating a visual for what the consequences will be if there are excessive arguments or physical fighting, such as a chart. Remember that consistency is key and talking things out in terms children can understand is also crucial. Try to take a deep breath before involving yourself and form a plan before lashing out in frustration. Keep in mind your children are only little for a short time and all things, good and bad, quickly pass.  

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