by Pima County Sheriff’s Department

Temperatures over 100 degrees are not even here yet and several people have already been taken to the hospital for heat related illness, to include several hikers suffering from exhaustion and dehydration. The need to take every precaution is becoming more imperative. Hiking or other outdoor activities should be limited to early morning hours and be completed no later than 10 AM each day.

The Search and Rescue Unit would like you to take the following precautions while before hiking:

  • Know your limits.
  • Hike with someone familiar with the trail.
  • Let friends or family know where you’re going and when you expect to return.
  • Take plenty of water, approximately one liter per hour.
  • Wear proper clothing and shoes.
  • Have a fully charged cell phone.
  • Take a first aid kit- epipens, band aids, antibiotic ointment, etc.
  • Keep a safe distance from wildlife.
  • Check the weather before going hiking as temperatures can rise quickly.

Before you start a hike or outdoor activity, plan ahead, be safe and have fun. Also, remember to ACT:

Avoid leaving children or animals in the car, even for a minute
Create reminders that a child is in the car
Take action if you see a child or animal left alone in a hot vehicle. Call 9-1-1.

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