By Leslie Nitzberg and Martie Maierhauser

August usually brings together choral singers in Greater Vail to begin rehearsals for the Vail Chorale’s Fall season. But, with the Spring 2020 concert season already cancelled due to COVID-19, Vail’s non-auditioned community chorus finds itself having to cancel the Fall season as well. We, like other choral ensembles around Tucson, across the country and across the planet, are facing the reality that choral singing is a high-risk activity for the transmission of COVID-19.

The act of singing has been shown to create aerosolization of Coronavirus droplets comparable to that produced by coughing. Social distancing of 6 feet is not sufficient. The dangers are greater indoors, such as in a rehearsal room, and the longer the exposure, such as a 2-hour rehearsal, the greater the likelihood of transmission.

Despite the cancelled seasons, we in The Vail Chorale are determined and eager to plan for a “Now Returning to the Stage” season when it will once again be safe for singers to rehearse together and sing for live audiences. We hope to be singing for you again in 2021!

During the current down time, we are reaching out to members, former members, donors, and lovers of choral music through Facebook and email, and we are exploring digital technology including an experimental project to create a virtual choir. The Chorale’s motto:  “Live for singing – sing for life!” sums up how important keeping music, singing in particular and bringing it to others, is in our lives.

To learn more, ask questions, share ideas, or be added to our contact list, visit or contact As a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization, donations are gratefully accepted – send to The Vail Chorale, P.O. Box 144, Vail, AZ 85641.

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