By Matthew Flores

When Athiana L. came to Goodwill in 2014, she needed help finding traction and a plan for the future. She started with GoodFutures as a high school dropout with limited options. She lacked confidence in herself and felt the system had done her wrong. The Goodwill staff helped Athiana look at her situation differently, offering guidance and perspective. “Eric, Cassie, and Jason were just so fun and open and I felt like I didn’t need to hide anything from them. I could be honest about what I needed and what I was struggling with here, which let them to help me to succeed.”

By working with GoodFutures, Athiana understood that getting the things she wanted in life would take hard work and persistence. She set goals and budgeted her expenses so she could plan down the road. With a growing confidence and work ethic, Athiana went back to school and was earned her high school diploma. But she did not stop there. After continuing her education, Athiana became certified as a caregiver, a capacity she is still working in. This position allows her to give back and help others in a community that once helped her.

“Things have always been pretty bad at home, up until I joined GoodFutures. GoodFutures actually gave me the independence to live on my own and get myself out of that situation and I’ve been living on my own ever since.” Athiana now has a place to call home, a steady fulltime job, a few cuddly cats and a solid relationship. She has stable income and a stable home life, and she is happy. Her future is looking good.

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