By Laura Brumbelow

Laura’s Eden is a long-time dream in the making. Our small permaculture homestead is locate right here in Vail. We emphasize using native plants such as Hopi Red Dye Amaranth, Sunflowers, Blue Corn, and others, and integrate heritage cattle and chickens into our oasis in the desert. The fruits of our labors are just beginning to do more than give us good real food for our family. We are blessed by the diversity of the wildlife that thrives in our small paradise and are thrilled to finally have some ext,ra Hopi Red Dye Amaranth, radish microgreens, Ruby’s Special Rainbow Eggs and our USDA inspected and butchered Dexford Beef to share. We only live once, and life is more fun in color. Gatching eggs and chicks are also available in limited quantities. Thank you for choosing to shop local and support a dream that is more about creating a thriving ecosystem than just making money!

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Limited supply available. Text Laura at 520-591-BARN(2276)

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