By Steve Christy

I don’t have to remind or point out to you in any great detail what all of you already know. These are frightening, troubling, and difficult times for all of us in the Southeast Region and Pima County. Terribly unpleasant, unfortunate, and in many cases, devastating occurrences have been unfolding on many different levels, on many different fronts at breakneck speed. What is perhaps the most unsettling factor we have to deal with is the nauseating feeling of great uncertainty that hangs over us like a dark cloud.

As a former long-time business owner, I do have experience with uncertainty. Uncertainty in business can lead to insolvency in business. So if you’re a business owner, an employee or a consumer in the Southeast Region, it’s imperative that we all keep our heads and wits about us, along with a sense of balance and perspective. We must remember the foundational positive attributes that our Vail/Corona de Tucson area is historically famous for.

First, our region has always been and will always be a caring, loving and all-embracing community.

Second, from our established Southeast Region organizations such as the Greater Vail Chamber of Commerce, Vail School District, and the Southeast Regional Council to our not-for-profits such as the Greater Vail Community ReSources and the Sheriff’s Auxiliary Volunteers, our region is poised to offer help and action in these times of need.

Third, our many churches and numerous social safety-net entities are here to provide support and assistance at all times.

Finally, the region’s own HOAs and neighborhoods are filled with loving and kind folks, renowned for always lending a hand, eagerly providing a laugh or shared tear, a heartfelt talk, and a shoulder to cry or lean on.

That is what community is all about. That is what our Vail and Corona de Tucson area is all about.

Please know also, as your Supervisor, my office is working on your behalf, and together with Pima County Administration, ready to be of service to all Southeast Region residents. We will continue to provide guidance and protection throughout this ordeal and beyond. My Southeast Region Office, run by Lucretia Free in the Vail Chamber Connection, is there as well, on the spot and at the curb level. For up to date information and help, visit

All of us have been through tough times, both personal and professional, and as a society. We will weather these tough times, too – together. None of us is alone – ever. That’s what makes us Vail and Corona de Tucson. And, oh yes, I love being your Supervisor.

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Steve Christy