By Susan Summers

Spring is finally here. The quail are clucking, the cottontails are cavorting, and the javelina are marauding through your yard. It’s a time of rebirth, which can manifests itself in the annual ritual of spring cleaning. But did you know that the act of spring cleaning is also a stress-reducer and helps clear away the cobwebs of winter inactivity? Similarly, decluttering is a mental exercise that inspires a sense of renewal and helps you to reclaim energy. Sometimes the process even results in a beautiful new look or vibe for your home’s interior.

As you begin to spruce up your home this spring, remember that there’s no reason to throw out perfectly good and usable items. Donate them to the Vail Depot Thrift Store, between the tracks on Colossal Cave Road. The things that no longer excite you may enthrall someone else. Most importantly, the proceeds of thrift store sales go to support the programs of ReSources Vail Food Bank. Your donations allow the food bank to continue providing emergency food to Vail residents, weekend back packs of supplemental nutrition for many Vail students, delivery of meals to homebound residents, and help for Vail’s youth on their own.

The Vail Depot Thrift Store accepts clothing, of course, but it also loves to receive kitchen items, small appliances, lamps, decorative items, small indoor or outdoor furniture, and art and more. To learn more about the programs of Resources Vail Food Bank, or to see the listing of items that cannot be accepted, visit the ReSources web site: And remember, getting rid of the old stuff and buying new stuff is, well, therapeutic!

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