By Hollie Warnick

You may have noticed how different 2020 started out compared to where we are now. How much have all the changes impacted you? Have you lost a loved one? Was your life threatened? Was your business threatened? Did you have to change careers? Are you now taking your children to protests instead of school or the park?

What life changes has 2020 brought to you?

Maybe you are seeing more family and it’s turned out to be a good thing. Maybe you have started taking personal and reflective time. Whatever 2020 has brought to you, it’s been change. Some of us have embraced it gladly. Others have cursed and resisted all we could. Usually, we do a little of both. And to notice that about yourself is key. We are not one or the other, we are a mixture. We aren’t just one side or completely the opposite. Typically, we are some of each. We are a composite of many ways of being. None of it has to be in opposition if we decide that we don’t always have to be right. When we choose being rigid and defiant towards what seems different, we cannot grow. We are too busy standing in the moral high ground (we think), while condemning various ideas or people around us. As we behave this way, we miss out on personal development. If we can’t bend, we end up breaking. Breaking can look like loss of a friendship, missed opportunity, or even health issues. Learn how to bend and you can evolve into a more wonderous being than you ever thought possible.

If you look back 10 years, what has changed? You, the world around you, or both? Change is the only constant in this world. We must constantly adapt and die to our old way of being in order to progress. Who knew that 2020 would be so forceful in its insistence that the world shift? (maybe Astrologers…) If you are holding on to old habits, behaviors, and limitations for fear of the unknown, it’s time to have a little faith in yourself and the Universe. We are in good hands, despite how it looks.

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