Of special note this month is Anne Gibson’s front page article on the Vail Family University. It is an excellent example of what I wrote about last month: The importance of civic organizations in communities. In a time where there is some civic discord, it is refreshing to see not only a great example of civic engagement, but faith-based (working together) and non-profit organizations in partnership with the school district for the noteworthy goal of improving and strengthening families.

On a similar note, page 11, Kimberly Crossland writes about Chris Cobb’s Mount Denali climb, raising funds for military families in need. His work will help raise funds to help the Fisher House to continue to provide “comfort homes” close to military bases and VA medical centers. A partnership between the Department of Veteran Affairs, the Department of Defense, and the Fisher House Foundation, The Fisher House is another example of civic organizations partnering with the government and working together for a greater good, which is providing housing to the families of military service members and veterans who are obtaining needed medical care.

There are times where an individual tragedy inspires action for a greater communal good. On page 29, we have the story of how Jason and Jillian Stubblefield have partnered with Rita Ranch Storage, Car & Dog Wash to raise funds to provide a “Cuddle Cot” for use on the prenatal ward of St. Joseph’s Hospital.

With pride in our community, The Vail Voice is honored to share these stories of cooperation between individuals, businesses, faith based organizations, local and even federal government agencies. While nationally and sometimes locally, there are things we can find fault with, there is also much we can give thanks for, and even participate in, to help develop and strengthen our community and by extension, our nation.

Finally, we want to welcome two new writers to The Vail Voice cadre of volunteer writers; Jennifer Phelps and James Shaw. Jennifer, a personal reinvention specialist, who can be seen monthly on KGUN9’s Tuesday Morning Blend, writes this month about organizing with kids on page 12. For more information, visit her at: jenniferphelps.org, where she has a very well designed website and you can sign up for her blog. James Shaw is a longtime area resident (17 years) and considers himself a seasoned desert dweller.  James writes about a range of issues, including the recycling and alternative energy industries. His article this month, on page 28 is an excellent article that can benefit all of us who want to recycle, but find ourselves confused as to what goes in what container. James believes recycling is not only a civic good, it is also ecologically and economically sound. We welcome his informed and well researched article and look forward to future ones as well.

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