On Saturday, May 21st, I participated in a debate with my two opponents, and I thought we all did well as we shared our thoughts and ideas to help move Pima County forward.  The Sahuarita Tea Party captured video of the event which I have shared on my campaign Facebook page http://FB.BackBacker.org.

I have never run for political office before, and many people see that as a positive in our current political environment.  One of my opponents has lived in Pima for a long time, but is widely recognized as the establishment candidate.  The other, well meaning opponent, has only lived in Pima county for roughly two years and has been campaigning for about half that time.

I, by comparison, first came to Pima county on July 4, 1984 to serve as an aircraft electrician on the A-10 at Davis Monthan and later on the F-16 at the Tucson Air National Guard.  My diverse education and experience is outlined in detail at http://BackBacker.org.

In my closing statement during the debate, I asked everyone to consider how we choose which candidates to support – offering ideas such as:  the one with the most wealth, the one who has the most political connections (perhaps referred to as the establishment candidate), the one who has the name you have heard the most?  Regardless of what method has been used over the past 20 years – it has not served us well up to this point.  I would respectfully suggest we select the person who is most like us – average, hardworking people who are willing to work hard with integrity – who owe nothing to anyone except the people of Pima County.

I ask for your vote – I want to be your Backer.


John Backer

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