Why am I running for the State Legislature of Arizona? What makes me qualified? I have chosen to run for a number of reasons. They include the fact that education is the hottest topic in Arizona, and as the current Arizona High School Principal of the Year (thank you Vail School District), I think I have a great record on the subject. Additionally, my two children are away at college, and my responsibilities at home to them on a daily basis have changed. I am choosing to do something rather than just complain, because I believe that I can help make Arizona a better place to raise our kids. The lack of leadership shown by some of the folks elected to represent us, and the constant attack on school districts through legislation has helped me decide!

Only six people have completed the process of collecting signatures and completing the necessary paperwork to be elected to the two open seats representing 215,000 of us in Southeastern Arizona. Having been on the ‘campaign trail’ for the past few months, I know that Legislative District 14 generally goes to the Republican Party. It is likely two of the four of us in the August Primary will be elected in November. That stated, I cannot vote for two of them.

The state legislature has a much larger impact on our day-to-day lives than our federal government does, but as citizens we typically don’t follow state politics quite as closely. If people do not take the time to learn about their candidates I’m afraid we might elect two of the same type of candidates that have turned Arizona into a punch line on late night TV. Please view our debate to see who your choices are. You can find it on my website: DennisBarger.com.  Please vote for Dennis Barger in the August Primary. The link to the debate is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZT-Xd_JLpog

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