by Khevin Barnes

Chuck Colbath, the co-owner (with John Chaisson as the operating owner) of Bavilon Salon in Old Vail Station, knows firsthand that as we age, our aches and pains can make for a “bad hair day.”  But where else do women and men find the opportunity of having their physical selves reshaped and transformed than in the chair of a professional hair designer? It’s hard to imagine the fascinating stories that have been told by countless visitors who have frequented the salon over the years. Those relaxing moments in the stylists chair are an invitation to share our lives and our experiences here in Vail.  And whenever a positive story emerges, it can almost make your hair stand on end.

And that’s what happened recently at the Bavilon Salon as Chuck and his Salon Coordinator, Annie Collins, discovered that the same Orthopedic Surgeon was giving each of them a new lease on life by implanting a high-tech, robotically installed hip replacement. They both realized that the world was suddenly much more enjoyable to live in, not only through their hairstyling facility, but through their newly restored mobility. MAKO robotic surgery, as it’s known, is a relatively new procedure that was performed by Dr. Russell Cohen for both Annie and Chuck. Following their surgeries and recovery, Tucson Medical Center asked the two if they would like to star in a local commercial, sharing their positive experiences about their new hips. They both jumped at the chance to let people know “not to be afraid as medical procedures have seen great changes recently, making this almost an outpatient surgery.”

For Chuck and Annie, the joy of serving patrons while living pain free has made a world of difference in their lives.  Along with the talented stylists who work at the Bavilon Salon, they share their passion for helping customers, while expressing their belief that we can all look as good as we feel.


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