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When someone steals your identity, it harms your credit, which can affect your financial health. To limit your liability and regain control of your financial life, take quick action to stop others from using your identity for their gain. Here’s what you should do. 

 Report ItTell the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) about it by filing an official report. They will use this information to create a customized identity theft recovery plan specific to your situation. 

 Set a Fraud Alert ImmediatelyYou’ll want to activate a fraud alert with the major credit bureaus. This helps protect your credit report from further damage.  

 Change PasswordsChange your passwords, personal identification numbers and security questions for all your accounts. Use a password manager to organize and keep track of your new data. 

Monitor Your Credit ReportRegular monitoring of your credit report is the best way to detect potential issues early. Look for inaccuracies that might otherwise go unnoticed like new accounts or current accounts where balances have suddenly increased without your knowledge. 

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