Each year Girl Scouts of Southern Arizona listens to Girl Scouts to see what rewards are relevant and engaging to match their hard work during cookie season. We wanted to provide an experience that was both innovative and empowering, which resulted in Girl Scouts of Southern Arizona’s inaugural ‘Board Meeting’ on Sa

turday, April 15th.

Girl Scouts who sold 1,700 or more boxes of cookies were eligible for this exceptional experience in which they received custom-made decks by Outkast skateboards, with their choice of wheels, trucks, and screws. They received a custom t-shirt, lunch, and a day to skate with professional skateboarders and Tucson’s local female skate team, B.A.B.S.

The B.A.B.S crew and Mortal Skate Shop were on hand to teach the building of the boards, the fundamentals of skating, and some demo skating for our Girl Scouts. They learned that even the pros fall off their board. As one Girl Scout put it, “I fell down but so did the skate team, so I am going to try again.” Getting out of their comfort zone was so rewarding, and Girl Scouts reveled in their new skills stating that “I love this, I feel like I am flying,” and “I want to do this every day.”

We are so proud of our Girl Scouts for getting out there and trying something new and of the Tucson skating community for their partnership. We want to give a special shout-out to Chris Atkins, B.A.B.S., Outkast Skateboards, and Tucson Skatepark Alliance. Want to find out more about all of the great things that Girl Scouts do? Visit www.girlscoutssoaz.org today!

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