As a small community paper, The Vail Voice is honored to have among its cadre of gifted volunteer writers, individuals who have distinguished themselves with significant contributions in their fields.

David Levy, co-discoverer of the comet “Shoemaker-Levy 9” (itself very notable for being the comet that collided with Jupiter in July 1994), is joined by John R. Leeper, previously a professor in the Department of Entomology, Plant Pathology and Weed Science, at New Mexico State University. Dr. Leeper has a very impressive record of research and international involvement in his field of entomology and agriculture. A naturalist at heart, Dr. Leeper will write a new column on “Observations in Nature.” We are fortunate to have such notable writers to join our team as regular contributors.

In our current issue, and on the front page, we have a report from Anne Gibson on the Vail Depot. Thanks to the hard and persistent work of numerous community members, a needed resource has come to Vail. As we celebrate Thanksgiving this 24th of November, there are  many things we can be thankful for. We are blessed to have various organizations, staffed by volunteers, who promote our civic health. We are blessed to have volunteer writers who take the time to research and provide important information that facilitates a sense of community in Vail.

Finally, last month, I wrote about the technological changes that have come about since the 1960’s. This month, (on page 27) we have a special article from O’Rielly Chevrolet about a 1958 Chevy Apache that has been completely restored and is available for viewing, at their showroom located at 6160 E. Broadway, in Tucson.  A beautiful vehicle,  the 58’ Chevy Apache shows us that while technology changes, beauty and style can last forever – and no, it is not for sale. Additional photos of the restoration can be found in the online version of the paper at (where, by the way, we have additional content, archived issues, and material not available in the print version).

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