By Nikki Lee

The Tucson summer is upon us and as the temperatures rise, we hope for monsoon rains. With Lake Mead, Powell and the Colorado River shortages in the news; we are all trying to find ways to be good water stewards in our homes. I encourage you to review the Smart Home Water Guide at or request a printed copy by emailing your name and postal mailing address to

This month I wanted to provide you with the 5 most common questions we receive at the City of Tucson Ward 4 Council Office and answers. We hope this information helps you navigate questions or concerns you may have.

How do I get notified about new developments in my area?
To receive notifications and meeting invites for developments happening in your area, sign up for NoticeTucson at

How do I report potholes, debris in the roadway, burnt-out streetlights, broken road signs, and other street maintenance issues?
Call the City of Tucson Department of Transportation, Streets and Traffic Maintenance Division at 791-3154 or email a description of the problem to

What are some common code violations and how do I report them?
Common violations include accumulated junk, litter, or debris; inoperable motor vehicles that are improperly stored; overgrown grass or weeds; old furniture or mattresses on the curb or right-of-way; construction without permits; and unsafe housing or building conditions. You can report code violations online at or by phone at 791-5843. To report graffiti, fill out an online report by going to

How do I order roll-offs for a neighborhood cleanup?
Registered neighborhood associations or groups of ten or more individuals with City of Tucson Environmental Services accounts can request free roll-offs with the forms provided on this website:

When will my street be repaired or my park receive new amenities?

To follow the progress and timelines on street maintenance, public safety investments and parks projects outlined in Proposition 101, 407 and 411, visit To follow RTA road projects, visit

My team is here to help answer any other questions, just email us at or by phone at 791-3199. To stay up to date on all things in the City of Tucson Ward 4 visit or

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