With school back in session, we are hearing reports from concerned citizens regarding speeding in school zones and increased traffic accidents. The Tucson Police Department does their best to patrol school zones and major intersections. It is the responsibility of each individual driver to follow traffic laws and obey speed limits. We encourage you to report all crimes to 911.

We are pleased to welcome Captain James Wakefield, as our new commander of Tucson Police Operations Division East. Captain Wakefield’s first assignment as a new officer in 1999 was in the east division, so he is happy to be back home leading an incredible team. Captain Wakefield is joined by Lieutenant Lissette Gomez and Lieutenant John Malovich. If you have non-emergency questions or would like an officer to attend your neighborhood meeting, please email ODE@tucsonaz.gov.

We often receive questions regarding the funding for police and fire. Tucson police and fire receives over 40% of the City of Tucson’s General Fund budget. The remaining 60% pays for parks and recreation, transportation and mobility, streets and maintenance, water, environmental services, courts, development services and all the other departments within the City of Tucson.

I am pleased we were able to increase the Tucson Police Department’s base budget this year by prioritizing and increasing employee compensation, benefits, and increasing the department’s overtime capacity. We are currently in the supplemental budget process where we prioritize funds for additional department needs and requests. I fully anticipate public safety to receive a substantial amount of supplemental funds to continue growing the departments and programs they offer to the community. In addition, $18 million is being invested in public safety capital funding through the passing of Proposition 411.

If you know someone who is interested in becoming a Tucson Police Officer or a Community Resource Officer, the next recruiting process opens August 1st. Visit https://tpdrecruiting.tucsonaz.gov to learn more.

My team is here to help answer any other questions, please email, call or visit us online at the contact below. To stay up to date on all things, vist our website or follow us on Facebook.

City of Tucson Ward 4 Councilwoman Nikki Lee
or: www.facebook.com/cotward4

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