2014 Election Vail Arizona

NOTE: This is a non-bias guide. It is meant only as a resource to help you get up to speed on this election’s issues. It is not meant to influence voting in Vail one way or the other.

Early ballots are out, phones are ringing, commercials are airing, and mailboxes are stuffed full with campaign paraphernalia. Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you know. It’s election season. Now it’s time to start thinking about which candidates and issues will get your vote.

EVERY VOTE COUNTS. Even though you’d like the chance to watch all the candidates speak or debate the issues, you might not have that opportunity. After all, there are only 24 hours in a day. That’s why we’re giving you links to resources you can review before casting your vote before you head to your local polling center.

Your ballot is conveniently broken down into three main sections. Read up on the issues and give thoughtful consideration to each important position or item up for election.

*NOTE: The uncontested races are not listed because, well, they’ve pretty much already sealed the deal. 

Section 1: Partisan Ballot

U.S. Representative in Congress, District 2

Last election, the race between Ron Barber and Martha McSally wasn’t called until days after the voting booths closed. It was that close. This year is shaping up to be the same, so your vote is important.

Ron Barber (D)
Martha McSally (R)


The incumbent, Gov. Jan Brewer, is not running this election. That means no matter who wins the vote, we’re getting a new person in this position. There are four to choose from but you can only cast one vote.

Fred Duval (D)
Doug Ducey (R)
Barry J Hess (LBT)
John Lewis Mealer (AEL)

State Representative, District 14

David Gowan and David Stevens are the current State Representatives, but James C. Burton (more commonly known as Jim Burton, the self-proclaimed non-politician) is trying to boot one of these folks out of office this election. You get up to two votes here.

James C. Burton (D)
David Gowan (R)
David Stevens (R)

Secretary of State

Does the name Terry Goddard sound familiar? That’s because in 2010 he ran for Governor. Now he’s back on the ballot and looking to fill a different role – Secretary of State. He’s running against Michele Reagan in what’s shaping up to be a close race.

Terry Goddard (D)
Michele Reagan (R)

Attorney General

The Attorney General is the chief legal officer. The person elected will have the final say over important legal matters.

Felecia Rotellini (D)
Mark Brnovich (R)

Superintendent of Public Instruction

The Superintendent of Public Administration oversees our schools. The person elected will oversee important matters that impact the kids of our community.

David Garcia (D)
Diane M. Douglas (R)

Corporation Commissioner

The person elected for Corporation Commissioner oversees everything related to our utilities including electric, natural gas, water, and more. You get two votes here.

Jim Holway (D)
Sandra Kennedy (D)
Tom Forese (R)
Doug Little (R)

Section 2: Non-Partisan Ballot

Board of Directors Central Arizona Water Conservation District

There are four seats up for grabs and five people running. The links below go to the various websites where you can find the most information about each candidate. Some are social media profiles, one is a faculty profile, and one is a website. You get four votes here.

Karen Novack Cesare
Warren Tenney
Pat Jacobs
Sharon Megdal
Wesley Mehl

Governing Board, Vail Unified School District #20

You get two votes here.

Claudia E Anderson (she currently serves on the board and does not appear to have a website for her campaign so this link goes to her profile on the Vail School District website)
Anthony Sizer
Jon C Aitken

Arizona Supreme Court

Each person gets a yes or no vote. A yes vote is to keep the person in office. A no vote is to discontinue their role in the Arizona Supreme Court.

  • Scott Bales, Justice of the Arizona Supreme Court
  • Robert Brutinel, Justice of the Arizona Supreme Court
  • Charles V. Harrington, Judge of the Superior Court, Div. 2
  • Danelle Bennett Liwski, Judge of the Superior Court, Div. 6
  • James E. Marner, Judge of the Superior Court, Div. 10
  • Richard D. Nichols, Judge of the Superior Court, Div. 14
  • Javier Chon-Lopez, Judge of the Superior Court, Div 15
  • Catherine M. Woods, Judge of the Superior Court, Div. 17
  • Kathleen A. Quigley, Judge of the Superior Court, Div. 19
  • Jeffrey T. Bergin, Judge of the Superior Court, Div. 22
  • Kenneth C. Stanford, Judge of the Superior Court, Div. 26
  • Christopher C. Browning, Judge of the Superior Court, Div. 27

Section 3: Propositions

For each proposition, you get a yes or a no vote.

Proposition 122

Proposed amendment of the Arizona Constitution to reject unconstitutional federal actions.

Proposition 303

Allow the use of investigational drugs, biological products or devices not yet approved by the FDA on terminally ill patients.

Proposition 304

Increase the salaries of state legislators from $24,000 annually to $35,000 annually.

Proposition 415

A bond to fund the care and safekeeping of animals.

Proposition 424

A bond to fund the school improvements in the Vail Unified School District.

No matter which candidate or proposition gets your vote, VOTE! Mail in your early ballot by October 30 or head to the polls on November 4 to make your voice heard.

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