We have lived in the Corona de Tucson area for almost 14 years.  As many other families have done and continue to do, we moved to this area mainly for the schools and the district.  The Vail School District continues to have an A+ “Excelling” schools rating and is consistently ranked as one of the best school districts, not only in Arizona but in the nation.  In the recent Arizona Merit test scores, Vail schools scored 61% higher than the state average.  The high school graduation rate in Vail is 96% vs. the state graduation rate of 76%.  For Vail schools, teacher retention and recruitment continue to be a critical issue.  Many teachers and staff leave the district for higher paying jobs.  The success and popularity of these schools also bring many resources, activities, and facilities to the community.  Your “YES” vote for the PROP 449 Vail override is critical.

Nate Weber, Corona de Tucson Resident

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